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Welcome to the Storywalk at the rural Life Museum. The content of each chapter will reveal when you type the correct keyword into the box.

This walk begins in the courtyard and then journeys into The Gather-ing exhibition in the tithe barn.

Here is the riddle for your first keyword.

Iron fetlocks
Iron flanks
iron bridle, mane and shanks
Four hard hooves quarter the courtyard square
Greeting visitors with a shy iron stare

But what is my name?

Chapter one

Writing on the Walls

These are words to set the scene
A poem to keep the visitors keen
And get beneath the tiles and tithing skin
When folks of all ages grafted till they dropped
And then brethren would take their tenth this crop
For the keyword read, that you must
'is this the final tithe of this . . . . . '
Chapter two

Copper Tools

Mapped in copper
These are Jacky's tools
Soldered and welded they now ghost the land
All tools once graced by the heft of the hand
And Jacky's artefacts are pierced and etched
With words of places, lands and grounds
But only one is the keyword to be found.

Start with the pierced and most easy to read.
Chapter three


A scatter of words upon a word hoard pillar
Amongst these hide your keyword filler
On the first post without artist name
And there is cut the key word - large and plain
But it's not tithe nor work nor local nor barn
So work through the words with patience and calm

Which one is it?
Chapter four

Raising Nap

A grenade of spikes in their own basket
A stickle-brick-esk vessel or casket

What am I ?

Chapter five

Quilty as Charged

A tapestry of sounds from this cloth
Fill the hall with godly delight
But its the word hoard pillar you should sight
And on this post bold as brass
Tiny beneath the base of 'Nicholas'
Chapter six


Well done you have completed the trail.

Which riddles were the trickiest and which should have been easier or harder?